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Real Size Calculator

Many human factors standards as the FAA’s HF Standard or the 1472F state minimum sizes for font and screen objects in general.

However, these measurements are usually given in minutes of arc (MoA) so the actual size depends on real screen size and viewing distance. This tool calculates the size in point and pixels given these parameters.

Also read our article on recommendations on how to size controls in order to reduce user error.


    Step by step

    If you do not know the exact dimensions of your screen, select a preset from the dropdown. If you do know the dimensions, follow this procedure:

    1. Measure the real size of the display area of the target screen and enter width and height in centimeters. The tool will calculate the actual dpi resolution of your monitor based on your input.
    2. Enter the viewing distance of the user to the screen in centimeters. This value is required for the calculation of the font size.
    3. Toggle ‘Screen Objects’ and ‘Fonts’ to find the respective measurements.

    Interpreting the results

    The table on the first tab, screen objects, lists recommendations from various standards used in safety-critical systems. Together with your input, the tool calculates the recommended minimum size in millimeters.

    On the second tab, fonts, the tool calculates the minimum required font size in centimeters, points, and pixels, given a certain viewing distance.

    Please leave a comment if you think this tool is useful or if you have a feature request!

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