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Cascaded Menus

A large number of commands must be placed in a menu.

The sample shows a cascaded menu, which can be accessed from a speed dial button to assign a telephone entry either by entering data manually or by picking from a list of existing entries.


The operator needs to access a less frequently used function.


The user may have trouble finding the correct path down a nested menu structure; available screen estate is an issue as well. Therefore, the number of possible levels as well as the number of entries should be limited such that no scrolling is required. A maximum of 3 nested levels and 7 menu items should be observed.


Menus are lists of command buttons and may have nested sub menus. They are displayed in dialogs, which are always on top and mode-less, i.e., they immediately close when the user taps on any other region of the screen. Menu entries opening sub menus have a right-hand arrow indicator and a distinct button shape.

Usability Impact

Cognitive load

Safety Impact

Screen estate can be freed up for other, safety-relevant functions. Less frequently needed functions, which are not safety-relevant, can be placed in sub menus.

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