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Complex tasks need to be divided into smaller steps.


Operators need guidance when dealing with complex tasks, e.g., when composing text messages.


The difficulty is to divide the task in several sub-tasks suitable for a wizard. Wizards consisting of too many steps (i.e., more than three) are not recommended for touch-screen applications.


The solution proposes a wizard-like screen that supports performing a second step without opening an additional dialog. The assistant does not remember its current state if closed.

Interactive Example


Press the progress indicators to proceed through the steps of the wizard. Note that the Close (X) button is not functional in the example.

Usability Impact

Using this pattern may reduce the cognitive load when performing complex tasks.

Safety Impact

As with any other task requiring attention and focus, wizards should be kept short and concise as operators may be disrupted in their main signalling task, which poses a safety hazard.


You are invited to provide your comments regarding improvement of this pattern!

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