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A pattern to search a collection of items by keywords.

Interactive Example


Press “Search” to begin. Note that the keyboard is not functional; just press “Find” to perform the search. “Show all” returns to the initial state.


Operators need to find entries in long collections of items, which do not allow a “live” filter as presented in the quick search pattern.


Typing a search term on a virtual keyboard is a task, which requires the operator’s attention. This may lead to In addition, on-screen keyboards are not as efficient to use as their hardware counterparts.


The solution proposes a single point of entry for searching items of all types in the interface, e.g., phone book entries, speed dials, text messages, and so forth. Upon initiating search, a virtual keyboard appears. Search results are presented in a dialog with a linear list. The system remembers previous searches.

Safety Impact

Due to the fact that typing on a virtual keyboad requires a lot of attention and focus, using this search pattern is not ideal from a safety point of view because it might disrupt the operator from other, safety-relevant tasks.

Usability Impact

Error prevention, user satisfaction

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