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Pick List

A selection mechanism for potentially large numbers of items is needed.

Select an item on the left and press the arrow buttons to move the item between the lists.


Users need to select items out of a large given set.


When selecting from a list users may lose orientation if the list needs to be scrolled and selected items disappear.

Dragging and dropping between lists is not recommended because of the limitations of capacitive touch technology.


Two list panels are used to move items around. The left-hand list is the source where users pick items and add them to the right-hand list.

The left-hand list could be extended by filter mechanisms or by a multi-selection mode.

Usability Impact

This pattern makes it easier for users to select multiple items on a capacitive touch screen. It makes the selection metaphor explicit by using two list panels. This pattern reduces the overhead of repeatedly scrolling up and down a, e.g., checkbox list.

Safety Impact

Using this pattern erroneous selection and loss of orientation become less likely.

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