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Digit Block

Users need to enter numeric values.

Interactive Example

Press the buttons to enter a number.


This pattern is used to enter numeric values, e.g., in conjunction with a spin control.


Screen real estate may be an issue using a full digit block. Depending on the context of use, alternative controls for selecting values are: lists, spin controls, dropdown lists, or value sliders.


The solution proposes a digit block with 12 keys, including asterisk and hash for entering telephone control codes.

If used for composing telephone numbers, the digit block may have the asterisk and the hash key, which both may be absent when the control is used for entering numeric values.

The pattern is a compound control and uses the command button and the text fields and text editing pattern.

Safety Impact

The pattern must be used such that no safety-relevant displays are covered by the digit block.

Usability Impact

Error prevention, user satisfaction

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